I was born in Nashville, TN. Spent the first few years of life in Pegram and Lawrenceburg, a couple of small towns. Then moved to Nashville. The youngest of five boys. I moved to Brooklyn when I was 18. Studied at Pratt Institute, receiving a BFA in photography, although now I'm entirely devoted to sculpture and installation. While enrolled I did an exchange at VCA in Melbourne, Australia; followed by organizing/participating in a residency in Winterthur, Switzerland. I travel as much as possible, leading me to various parts of the world and crevices of the country(US).

My sculptural practice is most often installation driven. To create for a specific space gives life to material and shape, color and space. I use various techniques from carpentry, welding, casting, to general assembly of chaos. Often times dragging in over-sized hordes from the depths of abandonment; adding, stacking, layering.

My last solo show, at Secret Project Robot, was a site specific installation; an abstract realization of nature diminishing the 'structure'. The installation was an inverted forest of color descending towards a crumbling room. Also, I recently received a BAC Regrant to complete an outdoor installation using found materials from the immediate area. My work reflects my interests; rotten boards, rusted stair wells, peeling paint and other such decadence of abandonment. The outcomes are usually abstract forms that deflect reference and invite the visual journey of interpretation.